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Access the paper online (pdf) or click below for large-scale EM-data at full resolution (nanotomy)


WT Sedentary  
2020-390 WT Sed 2020-391 WT Sed 2020-519 WT Sed
AKIP1_TG Sedentary  
2020-393 AKIP1-TG Sed 2020-392 AKIP1-TG Sed 2020-518 AKIP1-TG Sed
WT Running
2020-394 WT Run 2020-395 WT Run 2020-520 WT Run
AKIP1-TG Running
2020-396 AKIP1-TG Run 2020-397 AKIP1-TG Run 2020-517 AKIP1-TG Run




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