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Access the manuscript or click on the links below to visit the large-scale EM data at full resolution.

Thesis of Paul Langerhans (1869, Berlin)

Fig. 2a. Large scale EM (human pancreas) using our workhorse single-beam STEM - Routine ‘nanotomy’as performed in our imaging facility. A cross-section of a human Islet imaged at 2.5 nm pixelsize with a single beam microscope (see de Boer et al. NatComm 2020 for details).

Fig. 2b. Multi-beam nanotomy using a FAST-EM prototype* - Imaged at 4nm pixel size in 15 minutes. Images are produced by scanning all 64 beams simultaneously over a field of view, after which data is seamlessly stitched together to form a single image. Image courtesy of Delmic B.V., Delft, The Netherlands.*

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