Large-scale electron microscopy (EM) datasets in biomedical research

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Website Organization Topics Species Main techniques
Cell image library ASCB Cell biology Many LM/EM, typically not big data
EMPIAR EMBL Protein structures, bacteria, virus etc. Many Tomography, single molecule
UMich Virtual Microscopy University of Michican Cell biology Several TEM
IDR University of Dundee Many Many Mainly LM, FM
Nanotomy UMC Groningen T1D, stem cells, basics in cell biology Many 2D S(T)EM, epon, probes, EDX
Neurodata Harvard University Neuroscience (brain) Larval zebrafish ssEM
Radboud UMC RUMC Nijmegen EM of muscle and neuroscience Human EM
VMD American Association Anotomists Histopathology Human LM, histology
BISE Neubias [COST] Bio Image Analysis - -



Image analysis tools for (large) BioImage datasets: BISE Bioimage Informatics Search Engine: a BioImage Informatics Index


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