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Nanotomy: Large-scale electron microscopy (EM) datasets

Anatomy at the nanoscale: nano-anatomy or nanotomy

All published nanotomy (Year/author) EDX-based ColorEM in life sciences Macrostomum lignano reproduction

All nanotomy datasets (table).

Scotuzzi/ Kuipers/ Wensveen, de Boer, Hagen, Hoogenboom/ Giepmans (2017). Scientific Reports 7:45970. (Pdf)

Grudniewska/ Mouton (...) Berezikov (2018). Scientific Reports 8:3192.

FLIPPER-bodies for CLEM Endocytosis of EVs and cargo release Nanotomy procedure (zebrafish)

de Beer (...) Giepmans (2018). Single step labeling with nanobody/FP/HRP or APEX2 fusions for LM and EM analysis. Histochemistry and Cell Biology doi: 10.1007/s00418-018-1632-6.

Bhagyashree/de Beer, Giepmans, Zuhorn ACS Nano (2020) Kuipers J (...) Giepmans BN (2016) Large-scale STEM of zebrafish brain. J. of Visualized Experiments doi: 10.3791/53635.
Salivary gland organoid Mix and match with FLIPPERs Islet research related to nPOD
Maimets M (...) Coppes RP (2016). Long-term in vitro expansion of salivary gland stem cells by Wnt Stem Cell Reports 6:150–162pdf Kuipers J (...) Giepmans BN (2015) FLIPPER, a probe for CLEM, allows analysis of cells and organelles. Cell & Tissue Research 360:61 Type 1 diabetes is caused by destruction of insulin producing beta cells. JDRF financed the nPOD biobank to understand T1D and help to prevent or cure this disease [restricted].
Neodymium replaces uranium Islets in Type 1 Diabetes (T1D; rat) Nanotomy T1D workshops and more

Kuipers & Giepmans (2020). Neodymium acetate replaces uranyl acetate in several applications. Since neodymium acetate is not toxic, not radioactive and easy to use, we foresee neodymium will replace uranyl. Hist. Cell Biol. online

Ravelli RB (...) Giepmans BN (2013) Destruction of cells and organelles in T1D rats at macromolecular resolution. Sci. Reports 3:1804 To teach structure/ function in biomedicine (BSc, MSc, PhD), also at other universities, including the combination with CLEM and histology.
Blistering skin & mucosa (S)(T)EM contrast & Quantum dots Links to other EM data bases
Sokol E (...) Giepmans BN (2015). Patient skin and mucosa provide Insight into blistering diseases. J. Invest. Dermatol.135:1763 Kuipers J / de Boer P & Giepmans BN (2015) Scanning EM of non-stained biosamples: High contrast and efficient immunolabeling. Exp. Cell Res.337:202 EMPIAR, CIL, etc.

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