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Nanotomy: Large-scale electron microscopy (EM) datasets

All datasets were recorded using STEM, unless noted otherwise.


Year Authors (selected) Journal Dataset link and short title
2017 Scotuzzi/ Kuipers/ Wensveen et al. Sci. Reports EDX-based ColorEM
2016 Sjollema KA & Giepmans BN Imaging & Microscopy Golddigger to analyze gold and QDs
2016 Hodik M (...) Frisk G BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care 4:e000179 Effect of entorovirus on hIslets
2016 Smink S (...) de Vos P Biomedical Materials 11:035006 Scaffolds for Islet transplantation
2016 de Vos P (...) Faas MM PLos One 11: e0147992 Islet isolation and survival
2016 Kuipers J (...) Giepmans BN J. of Visualized Experiments 111:e53635 Nanotomy procedure (zebrafish)
2016 Maimets M (...) Coppes RP Stem Cell Reports 6:150 Salivary gland organoid
2016 Sokol, E Thesis (restricted access) Blistering skin & mucosa (Ch2)
2016 Hoffmann RF (...) Lansdorp PM Nucleic Acid Research 44:152 G4 in heterochromatin
2015 de Boer P, Hoogenboom JP & Giepmans BN Nature Methods 12:503 CLEM: Ultrastructure lights up!
2015 Kuipers J / van Ham TJ (...) Giepmans BN Cell & Tissue Research 360:61 Mix & match with FLIPPERs
2015 Kuipers J / de Boer P & Giepmans BN Exp. Cell Res. 337:202 (S)(T)EM contrast & QDs
2015 Sokol E (...) Giepmans BN J. Invest. Dermatol. 135:1763 Blistering skin & mucosa
2015 Capala ME (...) Schuringa JJ PLoS One 10:e0128585 Rac2 & mitochondrial dysfunction
2014 van Ham TJ (...) Giepmans BN Dis. Models & Mech. 7:857 Neuroinflammation (zebrafish)
2013 Ravelli RB (...) Giepmans BN Sci. Reports 3:1804 Islets during T1D (rat, TEM)


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