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Nanotomy: Large-scale electron microscopy (EM) datasets


Year Authors (selected) Journal Dataset link and short title
2023 Nijholt (...) Westenbrink Scientific reports AKIP1 in mitochondrial protein levels/turnover
2023 Yousefzadeh/ Huerta Guevara (...) Kruit Aging Biology - in press DNA damage in β-cells and diabetes
2023 Verkerk (...) Bolling J Investigative Dermatology Tufteline1 disruption pathology
2023 Aswath, Alsahaf, Giepmans, Azzopardi Medical Image Analysis Deep leaning to analyze EM
2023 Oost (...) Baron Acta Neuropathologica Communications Changes in myelinated axons in MS
2023 Stroo/ Janssen (...) Nollen Life Science Alliance SERF2 in development and amyloid deposits
2023 Demirci (...) Bachmann bioRxiv Calcineurin nephrotoxicity?
2023 Nijholt (...) Westenbrink Scientific reports AKIP1 in cardiomyocyte structure/ function
2023 Tienhoven/ Kracht (...) Zaldumbide/ Roep Diabetologia Alternative insulin gene product in delta cells
2023 van den Bosch (...) Moebius/ Huitinga Annals of Neurology Axon/myelin alterations in MS
2022 Kuiper (...) Bergink Nature Cell Biology DNAJB6 in nuclear pore complex biogenesis QC
2022 Mueller (...) Laue Lancet EM of Monkeypox virus infection
2022 Faraj/ Duinkerken, Carroll, Giepmans FEBS Microscopy of islets in living zebrafish larvae
2022 Lane (...) Hoogenboom Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences Integrated Array Tomography for 3D CLEM
2022 Krasemann (...) Glatzel eBioMedicine COVID-19 standards for microscopic analysis
2021 Dittmayer (...) Bachmann Microscopy and Microanalysis Nanotomy sample preparation
2021 Nijholt (...) Westenbrink Pflügers Archiv: European Journal of Physiology EPO-receptor for mitochondrial biogenesis
2021 Bugter (...) Robinson Microscopy and Microanalysis Field cancerization in buccal mucosa
2021 Kleefeld (...) Stenzel Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology Lipid storage myopathy
2021 Siegert (...) Stenzel Acta Neuropathologica Capillary pathology in scleromyositis
2021 de Boer & Giepmans Immunology & Cell Biology Advanced microscopy in Islet research
2021 de Vrij (...) Henning J. Comparative Physiology B Platelets storage during hibernation
2021 Lane (...) Hoogenboom Journal Structural Biology X Optimal negative stage bias for faster EM
2021 Dittmayer, Meinhardt (...) Holland, Laue Lancet SARS-CoV-2 in autopsy lung tissue
2020 Pirozzi, Kuipers & Giepmans Methods in Cell Biology Biosample preparation for EDX analysis
2020 Rocha/ Dittmayer (...) Stenzel/ Englert Neuromuscular Disorders NEB mutation: foetal nemaline myopathy
2020 Meinhardt (...) Heppner Nature Neuroscience CNS entry of SARS-CoV-2
2020 Faber (...) Sibon Development Vps13: removal of nurse cell corpses
2020 Dittmayer, Stenzel (...) Uruha, Englert Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology Juvenile and adult dermatomyositis
2020 de Boer/ Pirozzi (...) Giepmans Nature Communications nPOD donors (T1D) Islet nanotomy
2020 Bhagyashree/de Beer, Giepmans & Zuhorn ACS Nano Endocytosis of EVs and cargo release
2020 Kuipers & Giepmans Histochemistry and Cell Biology NdAc replacing UrAc for staining
2019 Rempel/ Popken (...) Veenhoff Structure Linkers and nuclear import
2018 Dittmayer (...) Bachmann Kidney International Mouse kidney
2018 Mouton, Wudarski, Grudniewska & Berezikov Int. J. Developmental Biology Macrostomum Lignano
2018 Ando et al. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics CLEM roadmap
2018 de Boer Thesis CLEM and T1D
2018 Hoes (...) van der Meer Eur J of Heart Failure Iron, mitochondria & cardiomyocytes
2018 Grudniewska/ Mouton (...) Berezikov Scientific Reports Macrostomum Lignano reproduction
2018 de Beer (...) Giepmans Histochemistry and Cell Biology CLEM with FLIPPER-bodies
2017 Scotuzzi/ Kuipers/ Wensveen et al. Scientific Reports EDX-based ColorEM
2016 Sjollema & Giepmans Imaging & Microscopy Golddigger to analyze gold and QDs
2016 Hodik (...) Frisk BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care Effect of entorovirus on hIslets
2016 Smink (...) de Vos Biomedical Materials Scaffolds for Islet transplantation
2016 de Vos (...) Faas PLos One Islet isolation and survival
2016 Kuipers (...) Giepmans J. of Visualized Experiments Nanotomy procedure (zebrafish)
2016 Maimets (...) Coppes Stem Cell Reports Salivary gland organoid
2016 Sokol Thesis Blistering skin & mucosa (Ch2)
2016 Hoffmann (...) Lansdorp Nucleic Acid Research G4 in heterochromatin
2015 de Boer, Hoogenboom & Giepmans Nature Methods CLEM: Ultrastructure lights up!
2015 Kuipers / van Ham (...) Giepmans Cell & Tissue Research Mix & match with FLIPPERs
2015 Kuipers / de Boer & Giepmans Exp. Cell Res. (S)(T)EM contrast & QDs
2015 Sokol (...) Giepmans J. Invest. Dermatol. Blistering skin & mucosa
2015 Capala (...) Schuringa PLoS One Rac2 & mitochondrial dysfunction
2014 van Ham (...) Giepmans Dis. Models & Mech. Neuroinflammation (zebrafish)
2013 Ravelli (...) Giepmans Scientific Reports Islets during T1D (rat, TEM)


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